Question/Issue Why Next Steps
The same company listed multiple times for the same relationship type. CME combines things like Consulting/Advisory Committees, while the University COI has them as separate line items. The presenter only needs to list them one time in their disclosure announcement.  No need to contact CME or the presenter, this is a system limitation that cannot be changed.
Names of law firms in the relationships.  This is because sometimes when someone does legal consulting, there is a drug/device company paying that fee. We cannot exclude this field completely due to some records reflecting the drug/device company name here. The presenter does not need to list them in their disclosure announcement.  No need to contact CME or the presenter.

Presenter indicates they did their University COI, but it is not showing in their CME record. Or they are able to enter their disclosure directly into the CME database.

This means the person’s CME record is not linked to their WUSTL Key. Confirm with them if they have ever logged into the CME database (this is necessary in order to add their WU Employee ID to their CME record). If they have not, have them do that and wait for the next sync.
If this does not change anything, please send their name, @wustl email address and, if possible, their WU Employee ID to and we will get them linked.
Presenter says relationships showing are not correct even though they just changed it in the University COI. These changes will show the next time the data sync is done.  Initially this will be done overnight, but will move to 4x/day in the next week or so.  After making changes in the University COI, they should check the Confirmation box even if the changes aren’t showing as the change will come through on the next data transfer from the University COI.
Presenter says relationships are just not correct…period.  All relationships, except for research, are coming directly from the University COI. Any changes that need to be made must be done there by the presenter.
  Research relationships are coming from multiple university sources. If you email CME with the basic details of the issue (which relationship, what the person is saying, etc.), we will contact someone who can look into this further.  If the person says that it was ended more than a year ago, then they do not have to announce it.  In other words, please take their word for it, but send us the information as we would like to get the persons record cleared up.

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