FAQ: COI Disclosures


Q. Who needs to complete a disclosure?

A. Anyone who presents or has control over the content presented at a CME event. This includes the planning committee, residents, fellows, nurses, etc.

Q. What needs to be done if a speaker has disclosed a financial relationship?

A. Their presentation slides need to be reviewed by the activity chair or their designee prior to the day of the activity. If any bias is noted, such as trade names being used, industry logos on the slides or an apparent promotion of a particular product, the speaker must be notified to make changes to the slides and resubmit for approval prior to the activity.

Q. What if I’m unable to attain the presenter’s disclosure?

A. Without a current disclosure, CME credit will not be awarded for that speaker’s presentation.

Q. What if the chair of the CME activity has disclosed a financial interest?

A. A co-chair should be added that does not have any financial interests to help ensure the activity topics and speakers are not biased.

Q. How long is a disclosure valid?

A. Disclosures are valid for one year from the date of disclosure.

Q. If the presenter has submitted his disclosure to the online database, does a copy still need to be sent in with the monthly RSS sign-in sheets?

A. No, just indicate on the verification page that the disclosure is online.

Q. What about Journal Clubs and small Case Conferences who have the same attendees each session?

A. For these we believe the easiest way to “announce” disclosures is to have a sheet of paper that lists each attendee and their financial relationships. Place this sheet next to the monthly sign-in sheet at the meeting so the attendees have a chance to see all disclosures. Send one copy to CME when it is first completed and after any changes are made.


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