FAQ: Financial Issues




Q. Is commercial support the same thing as an exhibit?

A. No. Commercial support is funding given in the form of an educational grant to pay for all or part of the costs of a CME activity and can only be used to cover costs associated with that particular activity. Companies have the right to request a return of any unused portion of the funds. An exhibit is for the purpose of marketing, to display and promote their products.

Q. For educational activities receiving financial support from ineligible companies (commercial entities), what documentation needs to be turned in to CME?

A. Fully executed signed letters of agreement for all educational grants and exhibit fees. Dated prior to the actual date of the activity.

Q. What funds need to be sent to the CME department for processing?

A. Funds from educational grants to WU faculty must be received and deposited by the CME department whether the funds are for CME or other educational activities. Access to the funds will be granted to accounting staff members from the grant recipient’s department to process expenses from the account. All documents will route through CME for approval.

Q. For departmental educational activities in which Displays/Exhibits are obtained, does CME need to sign Display/Exhibit agreements?

A. No, the department putting on the activity is responsible for reviewing and signing Display/Exhibit agreements. In the case of CME activities, a copy of the letter of agreement should be sent to the CME office. This can be done by uploading a copy of the LOA to the session/activity for which the display is for.

Q. Can industry representatives pay directly for meals or other expenses of a CME activity?

A. No. All funding for a CME activity must be given in the form of an educational grant or exhibit fee to Washington University.

Q. Can industry representatives supply equipment for a CME event?

A. Yes. If medical equipment is needed to demonstrate a procedure, industry may supply the equipment. The company should be listed as providing an “in kind” donation. An “in kind” letter of agreement should be signed by the company & Washington University prior to the activity date and a copy sent to the CME department. It is encouraged to use equipment from multiple companies when possible to decrease the appearance of bias.

Q. What if a conference does not receive any outside support?

A. If there is no industry financial contribution to the activity, indicate that on your application or renewal form.


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