CME Honoraria Policy

Washington University School of Medicine Policy Concerning Distribution of Honoraria for Individual Planners, Speakers, Authors, and Chairpersons for Continuing Medical Education Activities


This policy addresses the payment of honoraria and reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses for contributors to Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities accredited by Washington University School of Medicine.  This policy was established in accordance with requirement 3.7 of the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support (SCS).

General Policy

  1. All CME activities engaged in by any of the Washington University’s departments or divisions should occur in collaboration and cooperation with the CME Department.
  2. All CME-accredited activities must comply with this policy and procedure in order to be in compliance with the ACCME’s SCS.

Honoraria Guidelines

Honoraria for program chairpersons, planners, teachers, and authors who contribute to or participate in a CME activity will be determined by the activity chair or by the planning committee to be included in the initial budget. In the event the activity has a shortfall, the Washington University honorarium may need to be reduced or eliminated. Industry supporters of the activity cannot determine honoraria amounts.  The honoraria ranges listed below have been determined to be appropriate and usual by an ad hoc committee of Washington University physician-educators.  This policy governs only those activities provided by Washington University.  Physicians who participate in CME activities provided by other organizations must comply with the policies established by those provider organizations.

Washington University faculty honoraria /expense reimbursement for CME activity

  • Honoraria shall not be paid for Washington University faculty participating in CME-accredited regularly scheduled series (i.e., departmental rounds or case conferences).
  • Honoraria for course faculty/planning committee members shall not exceed
    • $2000 per day of educational instruction for chairpersons
    • $1000 for course speakers ($1500 if speaker provides two or more presentations)
    • $500 for other members of the course planning committee
  • An individual who serves in multiple roles for a course shall receive no more than one honorarium for that course.
  • Honoraria for faculty who serve as authors of enduring educational materials such as monographs shall not exceed $2,500.
  • Reimbursement for Washington University faculty participating in CME activities outside of the St Louis area will be determined according to Washington University travel policy and will be for the extent of their participation in the activity only.

Guest faculty honoraria / expense reimbursement for CME activity

  • Honoraria for guest faculty for a Washington University CME activity shall not exceed $2,500 per day of participation.
  • Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses for guest faculty will be determined according to Washington University travel policy and will be for the extent of their participation in the activity only.


If sufficient support was received for the course, the activity chair should confirm honoraria amounts based on the initial budget, and the following process occurs:

A. Honoraria for Washington University faculty/chairperson

  1. All honoraria for Washington University faculty will be processed through Washington University payroll and will be included on the next available payroll following confirmation from the activity chair.

B. Guest faculty honoraria/expense reimbursement

  1. Honoraria request will be processed through the Accounts Payable system, and the guest speaker will receive a check for the predetermined amount at the time of the activity assuming required documentation was received in advance.
  2. Expenses will be reimbursed after original expense receipts have been received. Reimbursement will be in accordance with Washington University travel policy, which should be conveyed to the guest speaker at the time of the invitation.

PDF - CME Honoraria Policy

Developed 11/2005
Reviewed/revised 9/07,9/11,12/15, 3/17, 4/19

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