To complete a disclosure for an upcoming conference, you can use the "Disclosure Form and CFA" (link below) and give to the round coordinator.  Alternatively, you may be able to complete a disclosure and standard of content agreement in our new database.  If you log into this site and see "Required Forms" on the right menu column, then you may be able to submit the 2 forms on this site.  Please let the round coordinator know if you completed the forms this way.

Active Rounds Contact list

Individuals who are not members of the WUSM, BJH, or SLCH workforce* are not permitted to attend conferences/sessions where protected health information (PHI) will be discussed.

RSS Monthly/Yearly Forms

Industry Policies and Forms

To apply for credit for a new RSS/Round at WU Medical center, Please Sign In

Please be sure you have reviewed the application requirements so you have all of the information you will need to complete the application. The application will take approximately 30-60 minutes to complete.

If you are the coordinator for an already accredited RSS and have questions, please contact Andrea Sondermann by phone at 314-362-6521 or 314-362-6891 or by email.

*workforce is defined under HIPAA Regulation as employees, volunteers, trainees, and other persons whose conduct, in the performance of work for a covered entity or business associate, is under the direct control of such covered entity or business associate, whether or not they are paid by the covered entity or business associate


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