Coordinator Instructions

In order to assure your activity is CME compliant, it is important to know your responsibilities. Below is the list of your responsibilities and actions for this activity:

Marketing & Logos - Must have WU CME approval
CME System Instructions for Coordinator
     Building / Editing the Session 
     Assigning Speakers and other Faculty
     Faculty Correspondence & Required documentation (disclosures & content agreement)
     Review of Presentations / Independent Reviewer
     Handout / Syllabus and Required Accreditation Statements
     Pre-Session/Activity Checklist - Must be done prior to the start of the session
     Attendance / Registration and Check In
     Post-Session/Activity Required Information - To notify the CME dept the session is ready for review

Educational Grants and Exhibits (if applicable)
Honoraria / Travel (if applicable)
Activity Cancellation Policy

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